Aphorisms and quotations of great philosophers and thinkers on the life’s journey

Let’s pay attention to sayings and quotes of great philosophers and thinkers on life’s journey, destination, meaning of life, success, self-realization:

  • philosophers and thinkersIf you know your way, good fortune and bad fortune equally advance you forward. (Laws of the Universe)
  • All paths are the same – they lead nowhere. Ask yourself whether this path has a heart. If it does – the path is good; if not, it’s useless. All paths lead nowhere, but one path has a heart, and another one doesn’t has it. One way brings joy, and as you go through it – you are inseparable from it; and the other way makes you curse your whole life. One way gives you power, the other denies it. (Carlos Castaneda)
  • There are no single trails for all living things. There are plenty of trails and every man has his own one. The path that brought you happiness may be detrimental for another one. Do not drag anybody, but if anyone has a desire to go together with you, be a good companion. (Amu IOM)
  • The person needs only one thing to reach the goal. To go. (Honore de Balzac)
  • Difficulties increase as you get closer to the goal. But let each one continue his way like the stars quietly, slowly, continually seeking to the target. (Johann Goethe)
  • People can make a way, which they go on, great, but the way cannot make a person great. (Confucius)
  • Each of us has only one true vocation – to find the way to oneself. (Hermann Hesse)
  • The one who hobbles on a straight road will surpass the one, who has lost his way. (Francis Bacon)
  • He who starts walking confidently will end with doubts, but he who begins his journey in doubt, will finish it in confidence. (Jonathan Swift)
  • When they reach the goal, you know that the path was the goal. (Paul Valéry)
  • Always choose the most difficult way – you will not meet competitors on it. (Charles de Gaulle)
  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. (Lao-Tzu)
  • Any path is just one of a million possible ways. Therefore, a warrior must always remember that the path is only a path; if he feels that he does not like it, he should leave it at any cost. Any way we need to look straight and without hesitation. (Carlos Castaneda)
  • Either I’ll find my way, or even make it myself. (Philip Sidney)
  • On the way of attainment of wisdom you should not be afraid of a wrong turn. (Paulo Coelho)
  • The person with the clear goal will move even in the most serious way. People without any purpose will not advance even the very smooth road. (Thomas Carlyle)
  • The important thing in this world is not where we stand but rather in what direction we are moving. (Oliver Holmes)
  • The one who carries the light stumbles more often than the one who follows. (Jean-Paul)
  • He who goes slowly and deliberately is not afraid of long way; he who is patiently ready to leave will certainly comes to the goal. (Jean La Bruyere)
  • Follow your own road, and let people say what they want. (Dante Alighieri)

Philosophical aphorisms, quotes and sayings reflect the worldview of a civilization. The idea, expressed by well-aimed, powerful aphorism is transformed into WISDOM, piercing like an arrow, his Majesty the time…

Treasury of world wisdom is inexhaustible and there is no possibility to display on one site all the wealth of sayings, quotes and sayings, but there are sites where you can find about 40,000 sayings of great people of all times and peoples from the dawn of writing, with quotes from the books of ancient Assyria and Babylon, Iran, Egypt and India, to the present day!

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Sometimes one and the same author has almost the opposite quotes. This in turn indicates the evolution of attitudes and broadmindedness of the author’s statements. Here we can recall the great Goethe, who said that it cost nothing for him to conclusively prove a particular idea and then with no less conviction to prove directly the opposite.

Enjoy the charm of thought and subtle insight into the bright sayings of great men, because there is the whole philosophy of life. Check who you are on planet Earth and what you should strive, with the help of time-tested truths.
But the proverb is a concise national (or gone to the people, author) the expression aptly characterizes some phenomenon or pattern. Saying, unlike proverbs, does not imply action and does not carry the edification or teaching. It is just stating as a fact.