Michel de Montaigne about Impotence

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We would like to remember a French philosopher who was born in 1533. Michel de Montaigne was an intellectual who took intellectuals with arrogance. How can it be? We’ll tell you.

The Main Idea of Montaigne’s Philosophy

about Impotence

Montaigne lived in times of the Renaissance when philosophers thought that common sense and sound judgement allowed people to be happy while all other creatures were denied to have wisdom. People can keep their passions under control because they have human reason. The mind helps them to restrict the wild demands of their bodies. Thus they are able to master ourselves. But Montaigne enraged hearing those ideas. He was sure that thousands of ignorant people for example peasants feel much happier having equable lives.

Another interesting fact about Montaigne is that he is the first and perhaps only philosopher in the world who reflects about impotence showing the craziness of human minds.

Impotence through the Eyes of Montaigne

Montaigne had a friend suffering from impotence and at the same time feeling love and desire to some woman. The philosopher was sure that the problem was in the mind of the friend and not in his penis.

The point is that the ancient society had a notion that men must be able to control over their bodies. All men who failed to do this varied from normal standards and the fear to become one of those losers enforced the problem preventing men from performing again. It was important to change the attitude and the standards widely accepted as a norm. The friend was advised to behave naturally in bed with a woman and spoke openly about his sexual disorder. Thus a man could relax and get rid of the tension. When a poor took the deviation as something usual, he stopped getting nervous and the situation changed for the better.

Montaigne’s idea written in his works allowed the readers to forget about fears. So instead of mumbling an apology in front of the lady, a man should accept that impotence is not a rare disease and that regaining his forces he can try again. There was an awful example given by Montaigne. One nobleman failed to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse, left his partner, and at home cut off his penis sending it to his woman as an apology. Montaigne offered the alternative solution: there is no need to rush things if either partners or one of them are not ready. Just wait for the best moment.

The Erectile Dysfunction Nowadays

The things change little since that time. Of course today nobody will inflict serious injury on a penis only because he failed to make it hard, but still this topic is confusing and makes a lot of men despair. The only moment is completely different. As far as the medical science goes ahead, a man is expected to turn to a doctor and take the medical examination in order to exclude the other serious diseases causing impotence.

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Anyway the philosophy is simple: do not duck and cover, be open and find solutions of the problem.