Philosophy of Sex

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Philosophy of Sex

Philosophy can be translated as “the love of wisdom” and it helps us to understand the reason and consequences in our lives, to learn how we can love each other wisely and find that fulfillment using skill-set offered by philosophers.

Health is Above All

When you think what a meaning of life is, you can mention a range of things and probably one of them may be a proper sex or satisfaction in it or the result of it – birth of a new life. Anyway healthy erectile function may be qualified for a lifestyle philosophy. When we speak of it we cannot leave out a women’s and men’s emotional and physical health.

In particular it is important to provide male erection in order to achieve the goals. Unfortunately, there are multi-factorial causes, which can provoke the problems with it. Moreover, medicine has proven that the erectile dysfunction also leads to serious problems in society. The male health is a real concern when it is about erectile dysfunction. There are a lot of remedies, which help to solve this problem for the current moment and make penis erect during a needed time but it is vital to find out the reason of sexual disorder and eliminate it in order to do without pills.

Thus, sex issues are sound and much more serious than it seems at a casual glance. The core of sex philosophy is that all of us should have full engagement in love and life adjusting to the certain rules.


Since the ancient times the society encourages the philosophical study of sex, love, marriage. Nowadays the involved organizations arrange lectures and conferences, issue books related to sex, investigate the history of its philosophy, which depends on the idea of erection also.

For example in Antiquity, Galen of Pergamon, Greek physician and philosopher working in the Roman Empire, a follower of Hippocrates, supposed that penile erection occured due to accumulation of air. Much later Da Vinci corrected this mistake declaring that erection happened because penis is filled with blood and only in the 18th century a scientist from Switzerland Von Haller added the important details to explanation of this process – he said that erection was controlled by the nervous system. And it means that the mood and emotions have a direct influence on potency. When we speak about behavior changing our mood and attitude towards relationships, the laws of philosophy can be applied. Of course if there are no physical reasons for inability to provide a partner with a normal sexual experience.

Sex Philosophy

Let’s start from ethics. There is a behavior pattern offered by Western philosophy in connection with sex. If there are deviations from it, we can define an infringement of one partner’s rights.

The Sex Philosophy determines the following conditions for normal sexual relationship:

  1. Sexual desire. Both of partners should have the desire to get physical. Of course this is the evolution because in the past the rules were different. Nowadays moral evaluations are more important than natural sexual impulse if only one participator feels it. Though there are several opinions among philosophies as to this point. One group thinks that sex makes sense only if it is for the purpose of procreation and it is much better to refuse frequent sexual intercourses leading moral life. The other group understands that sexual activity is a pleasure and influences on health and wellbeing of partners. The only thing is doubtless and it is mutual desire.
  2. The second moment is connected with arousal that should be mutual within partners also. It is not enough to have a desire for sexual intercourse but it is natural to expect some particular partner’s activity causing the sexual arousal. A person should not be an object feeling nothing in sexual intercourse.
  3. It is very important to be sure that one partner is informed of intention of the other one. Of course it does not mean that there is a need in getting permission in writing but a clear appreciation of consequences and understanding of the events should be. And that is all about consideration for a person’s dignity.

All of us want to be happy and enjoy our lives to the full extent and that is possible when we respect the interests and feelings of others.